Tips: Top 10 Excuses Why People Don’t Workout and My Secret Fixes for Them!


06 Feb Tips: Top 10 Excuses Why People Don’t Workout and My Secret Fixes for Them!


Top 10 Reasons People Say They Don’t Exercise:
10. I don’t have time.
For those of you who “don’t have time,” I want you to exercise first thing in the morning. Even if it means getting 15 minutes less sleep, I want you to wake up 15 minutes earlier and get your exercise in, preferably before your family wakes up. Not only is this practical but it also sends a message to your heart and mind that you count too and that your needs must be met before you start addressing the needs of your family.
SECRET: Exercise for 15 minutes before your family members wake up.

9. I don’t have the energy.
When I’ve looked closely at the lifestyle of people who don’t have energy it usually comes down to their eating habits. They’re usually skipping meals, then eating big meals and often consuming a lot of sugar. Large, erratic meals laced with sugar and carbohydrates lead to a spike in energy followed by a crash in energy, which is hard to recover from. I recommend eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day and I recommend that each meal contain protein. Sounds time consuming but it’s not! On Sundays, I ask my husband or my mom to watch the kids while I go grocery shopping and then prepare a week’s worth of food.

I make sure to stock my kitchen with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables including lettuce which I’ll need for salads, Trader Joes pre-packaged trail mix and everything I’ll need to make protein shakes during the week. Once home from the grocery store, I hard-boil 2 dozen eggs, and I prepare 2 dozen chicken breasts which I can use to make sandwiches, or put in salads or whole wheat pasta. In the long run, this actually saves me time because there is only 1 major clean up I have to do in the kitchen and the week’s worth of food is now readily available. Trust me - this is a lifesaver when my husband’s off fighting a fire, the kids are dancing on the table and the dogs have escaped and are running down the street chasing the neighbor’s cat!

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