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Tips: Top 10 Excuses Why People Don’t Workout and My Secret Fixes for Them!

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Top 10 Reasons People Say They Don’t Exercise:
10. I don’t have time.
For those of you who “don’t have time,” I want you to exercise first thing in the morning. Even if it means getting 15 minutes less sleep, I want you to wake up 15 minutes earlier and get your exercise in, preferably before your family wakes up. Not only is this practical but it also sends a message to your heart and mind that you count too and that your needs must be met before you start addressing the needs of your family.
SECRET: Exercise for 15 minutes before your family members wake up.

9. I don’t have the energy.
When I’ve looked closely at the lifestyle of people who don’t have energy it usually comes down to their eating habits. They’re usually skipping meals, then eating big meals and often consuming a lot of sugar. Large, erratic meals laced with sugar and carbohydrates lead to a spike in energy followed by a crash in energy, which is hard to recover from. I recommend eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day and I recommend that each meal contain protein. Sounds time consuming but it’s not! On Sundays, I ask my husband or my mom to watch the kids while I go grocery shopping and then prepare a week’s worth of food. 

I make sure to stock my kitchen with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables including lettuce which I’ll need for salads, Trader Joes pre-packaged trail mix and everything I’ll need to make protein shakes during the week. Once home from the grocery store, I hard-boil 2 dozen eggs, and I prepare 2 dozen chicken breasts which I can use to make sandwiches, or put in salads or whole wheat pasta. In the long run, this actually saves me time because there is only 1 major clean up I have to do in the kitchen and the week’s worth of food is now readily available. Trust me - this is a lifesaver when my husband’s off fighting a fire, the kids are dancing on the table and the dogs have escaped and are running down the street chasing the neighbor’s cat!

SECRET: Have your husband, a family member or a friend watch your children one day/week so you can grocery shop and prepare the week’s worth of food in one concentrated effort. Make it the same day every week so that you, your children and whoever is watching them understand this as an established routine.
8.  I don’t have the right equipment to exercise.
In our e-store, we offer fitness balls that are under $10 and you can also buy dumbbells for under $50 at your local sporting good store. I recommend buying this kind of fitness equipment for yourself but will confess that as a mom, I’ve been known to use gallon water bottles and large fruit cans in lieu of dumbbells when I’ve been in a pinch. Jump ropes are also an inexpensive, fun and effective piece of equipment. If you are just beginning your health and fitness journey, I encourage you to simply go out and buy a reasonably priced cross training shoe so you can start walking. You can walk or run ANYWHERE – your neighborhood, at the mall, in a hotel lobby, up and down the stairs at your office or apartment complex – anywhere!
SECRET: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just take the first step – buy a pair of reasonably priced cross training shoes, and a pair of socks and simply start walking 15 minutes/day.
7. I can’t afford a gym.
Gyms are fantastic because they surround you with like-minded people who are interested in bettering their health and fitness. They also make experts available to you in the form of class instructors and personal trainers. I do recommend that you join a gym when you’re able, but if you can’t afford a gym right now – no problem! As mentioned above, you can work out at home. You can add to your at-home-workout by watching and following along with the exercises I demonstrate on this Kiana’s Fit Mom TV website.  You can make your own home gym with gear found at the online store and follow along! Under $20.00! Fit Mom's love a deal and love being in shape!

SECRET: Though gyms are fantastic, you do not need to belong to a gym to get in shape!
6. I don’t know what to do.
If you are going to workout at home, refer to the exercises I demonstrate on this Kiana’s Fit Mom TV website. If you have any questions about an exercise I’ve demonstrated, just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you! If you are going to workout at a gym, ask for a demonstration of all of the machines before signing the gym’s contract and/or, if finances allow, spring for a private trainer to workout with you once/month to help you learn to use the gym’s machines properly.
SECRET: Ask for help!
5. I’m embarrassed and uncomfortable when I exercise.
I know that gyms filled with spandex clad 20 something’s can be uncomfortable, but there are solutions.  If you workout at home and follow along with the exercises I demonstrate on Kiana's Flex Appeal or  Kiana’s Fit Mom TV, problem solved – it’s just you and me! If you decide to go for walks or runs in your neighborhood, trust me – your neighbors are too involved in their own life’s dramas to worry about how you look as you walk by their homes. If you do want to join a gym, consider an all-female club.  Or, if you decide to join a co-ed gym, consider going at a time when the demographic is mainly other moms and/or consider hiring a personal trainer who knows their way around the gym and isn’t at all intimidated or bothered by the spandex clad 20 something’s. As President Roosevelt said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”  Trust me – this is definitely true when it comes to gyms.
SECRET: Workout at home, join an all women’s gym like Curves, or hire a personal trainer to guide you through the ins-and-outs of a co-ed gym.  Or if you are in sunny Southern California, stop by the beautiful Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo, CA or the luxurious St. Regis Hotel in Monarch Beach, CA where they have a state of the art gym and salt water pool complete with speakers under the water!
4. I have small children and no babysitter.
Workout with your kids! When my girls were babies, I would jog while pushing their stroller. Now that they’re a little older I often do my workouts while they do their workouts – incorporating daily exercise into your family’s life is a great way to help your kids understand from the get-go that exercise can be fun and is necessary. Although I am strict with the amount of time I allow my girls to watch TV, I have been known on occasion to let them watch an educational DVD while I work out. Again, this goes back to my opening salvo – exercise is mandatory – we’ve got to find a way to make it work! If exercise is a chance for you to have a little “alone time” you could easily find a gym that offers free babysitting services. When I’m in California, I go to the Renaissance ClubSport in Orange County – my kids love being there and so do I! 
SECRET: Exercise with your children or find a gym that offers free babysitting services!
3. I don’t like to exercise.
Do you like flossing your teeth? Getting your car’s oil changed? Giving your dog a flea bath? Probably not – but you do these things because they are necessary. I would love for you to “like exercise” like I do but whether you do or you don’t is irrelevant. You simply must do it for your health and longevity – sorry, but there’s just no way around it. According to the latest joint American Heart Association/American College of Sports Medicine guidelines on physical activity, all healthy adults ages 18–65 should be getting at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity five days of the week.
SECRET: It doesn’t matter if you “like” to exercise – just do it! The goal is at least 30 minutes of exercise/day …but 15 minutes/day is okay if you’re just getting started!
2. It’s hopeless/ I’m too far gone/ too overweight.
Nothing in life is hopeless. When I meet people who say that they are “hopeless” I find that this attitude is casting an oppressive shadow over their entire life. My advice for those who feel “hopeless” is similar to the advice I give to people who say they “don’t like to exercise” – do not wait on an emotion to compel you to exercise. Simply exercise whether you feel like it or not. All I’m asking you to do is to exercise for 15 minutes/day to start. No matter how bad you feel – no matter how hopeless the situation seems – simply put your shoes on, go outside and walk around the block for 15 minutes/day. We will take this step-by-step together – we can do this – your life and your body are not “hopeless.” If you will trust me, if you will work with me, I promise you that you will be healthier one year from now. We will get healthier together – step by step. I know you can do it. A transformation is possible!
SECRET: You can overcome a feeling of hopelessness by simply taking small steps in the right direction.
And the #1 Reason Women Say They Don’t Exercise Is:

1.   I’m going to start tomorrow.
My former assistant, CB, said this for 10 (count them 10!) years and wasted an entire DECADE of her life (and got very ill from her sedentary lifestyle) before she finally began exercising and eating right. And CB is not alone – many, many people have wasted years of their lives by fooling themselves into thinking that they’re going to start tomorrow…and then ‘tomorrow’ never comes. To prove to yourself that you are serious about making 2010 your best and healthiest year ever, put your shoes on and go out for a 15-minute walk right now. Take your kids with you – they need exercise too! Seriously, go for a 15 minute walk right now (and while you’re out there walking start thinking about what day each week is going to be your grocery shopping/ food prep day…think it all the way through – who is going to babysit your kids while you grocery shop and prepare the food? What kind of food are you going to buy at the grocery store? If you work, do you need to buy a lunch bag that is large enough for you to carry all of your food in?)
SECRET: The key to success is thinking through the logical steps that are necessary for you to succeed!


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