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Benefits of Coconut Oil, Water and Milk

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Benefits of Coconut Milk and Coconut Water

What is the difference between Coconut water & coconut milk?

The difference between the two is that coconut water is taken from the coconut before it's ripened.  Coconut milk is taken from the coconut after the coconut is ripe and it is pressed from the meat of the coconut giving it a milky white consistency.

12 Health Benefits & Ways to Use Coconut Oil, Water and Milk

In Hawaii, my friends and I would get coconuts and drink the milk.  Then we would paint the coconuts like an island canvas.  Now I enjoy doing it with my little girls.

To increase the nutritional value of the foods and protein shakes I make, I love using Reduced Fat Coconut Milk. It makes it so creamy and boosts the nutritional value. I also use it in place of water when I make rice. Yum!

You can have the coconuts right off the tree and sip the coconut water too!

12 Benefits & Ways to Use Coconut Oil, Water and Milk

Did you know: Coco: means " Monkey Face?"


  1. I love adding coconut milk to my protein drinks as it provides a quick source of energy
  2. Cook with it! It's a delicious and healthy way to sear white fish
  3. For avid trainers, this magic milk reduces inflammation and supports tissue healing and repair
  4. Coconut milk is very pure. Only water is more pure
  5. Coconut milk is full of calcium, essential vitamins/minerals and hydrates the body
  6. It has been known to fight digestive issues and helps fight vomiting
  7. It settles the stomach and is a good thing to drink to help cure a hang over
  8. It's high in electrolytes, helps strengthen the immune system by combating digestive issues and has anti bacterial properties.
  9. Beneficial to the heart, it helps to keep your arteries clean
  10. It can help fight infection and bacteria in the body
  11. It helps keep you fuller longer
  12. Delicious in protein shakes and smoothies
  13. It is a wonderful moisturizer and hair conditioner, too 🙂
12 Health Benefits & Ways to Use Coconut Oil, Water and Milk

Kiana Tom's daughter, Anelalani with her hair to her waist. Coconut Oil as Hair Conditioner to grow it long and healthy. More Coconut tips:

Coconut Oil: has been called the "healthiest oil on earth."

How do YOU use coconuts?

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