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barbara Corcoran 60

Kiana is an extraordinary role model for women and moms around the world! Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank / MSNBC




I lost over 15 lbs. and completely lost the pooch on my tummy! I got these results training only 2 days per week! I feel strong and super fit! My arms are tight, my body is strong and I feel amazing! Vikki



I lost 8 lbs. in only 8 workouts! Seriously! I lost inches off my waist & hips! I am tighter and firmer all over my entire body! Rachel, CA



One day I just said to myself, “enough is enough. I am going to make the change to get healthy and fit.” I am so glad I did. I’ve lost alot of weight, tightened my entire body! I LOVE Kiana’s workouts! Vena



I had never exercised before. I had a major surgery that went wrong and had to work to get my health back. My 7 year old daughter noticed I was out of shape. I've lost 15 lbs and am tighter and toned all over. It feels like my normal way of life now. I even worked out 5 times while on vacation!


terrie-60I’ve lost weight and firmed up all over. The workouts help stabilize my hormones and keep me happy and healthy. My husband is glad I’m working out again as that was one area we shared in common when we met :) The big thing for me is convenience. I can do the workouts whenever it fits into my schedule from anywhere using my computer or mobile phone. I can also do back to back workouts or pick a 30 minute one! Terrie



Loving my arms and legs! I can tuck in shirts and wear belts on the outside, not all loose to cover that fat. Love what Kiana has helped me to do! My 12 year old daughter even does the workouts with me sometimes! My next goal is 130 lbs and a bikini! I’m not falling on my nose anymore doing plank! Feeling good again:-)YEEAAA! Carla, VA



I love training anytime, anywhere and the convenience of having the online workouts mobile. I love Kiana’s ability to provide different options for each exercise to make is super challenging.


I highly recommend Kiana’s program to anyone especially those who think they are so entry level they can’t do this, Kiana will make it happen! Before training with Kiana, I had not worked out since 2009 – my bad I know! She has mastered the art of meeting the needs of every body type and personality out there! She keeps me inspired! She offers a comprehensive workout with non-stop variations so you don’t hit any plateaus and with her online workouts plus nutritional suggestions she has made it easy to not only lose weight, but eat healthy, get in shape and feel better about yourself! HIghly recommend! Dena, CA



Kiana has the best workouts out there. I always look so forward to them. She keeps it so fun and her great personality is so motivating!


Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 4.35.14 PM

I’ve had over numerous surgeries on my right hip from childhood on. I had only worked out once before I started training with Kiana. When I began, I could not balance on my right leg at all. Now I can without holding on to anything and even do Ninja kicks too! Kiana makes working so fun and she is so motivating! I just feel GREAT all around! Julie, CA



I have finally found my niche. I am so glad Kiana shows exercises to do with and without a bench and other gear.





My wife told me about Kiana’s workouts. I’ve watched Kiana on Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN for years and the Online Training is perfect for me. I travel for work and I can log in and workout from my laptop. I have lost weight, added muscle and people comment on how fit I now look. I even set up a home gym in my garage to follow along with Kiana when I am home. I do Kiana’s workouts all the time!



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