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Coconut Beach Workout

I can literally workout with anything, even a coconut! Here is a fun and effective workout I did with a coconut I found on the beach. It weighed about 5 lbs and the coconut milk inside gave it extra movement to work the core! Kiana’s Coconut Beach Workout 20 reps or 1 minute of each exercise per interval. Beach Lunge Walks with alternating Coconut Twists: Muscles: Legs, Glutes, Core, Arms.

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Shoulder Shocker Workout: Kiana’s Flex Appeal

Get Strong & Sexy Shoulders Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN Shoulder Workout Gear Needed: Weights   Kiana’s Flex Appeal Delts Day! Palm Desert La Quinta Resort and Spa. 9th hole. – Shoulder Shocker Workout: 1. Heavy DB presses 2. Side Raises 3. Alt Front Raises 4. Rear Delt Flys 5. Bonus round: Feet Up Push Ups (not for the weak!) – 10-15 reps. 2-3 sets. – Use the right amount of

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Only for the Brave! Dare to Work up a WICKED Sweat with this Bone Chilling Halloween Workout: Zombie Slayers, Witch Hunters, Petrified Pumpkin Potion…

5 Great Medicine Ball Exercises

5 Great Medicine Ball Moves 1 Ball. 5 Exercises Full Body Blast in 15 minutes 1. Squat side kicks: feet hip width, knees slightly bent, core tight, shoulders back & down. The move: squat down and the Lift leg to the side. Alt sides. 2.  Squat Hops: athletic stance, ball at cheat, shoulders back and don, core engaged. from this position, squat down and then jump up – 3. Staggered

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Take Kiana’s 4 Week Flex HIIT Challenge! Get the lean, sexy, healthy, fit body you really want!

Improve your health and fitness & get the body you really want! Kiana’s Flex HIIT 4 Week Challenge is a complete training program.

eGym: 3 Way Workout

Muscles: Full Body Workout Gear: Weights, Slam Ball Type: 3 Way & Flex HIIT Fit Focus: Upper Body Duration: 40 min

Free Download! Free Week from Kiana’s 12 Week Training Guides

Free Week from Kiana’s 12 Week Training Guides Download Now! Full color exercise photos and step-by-step instructions! Get a week from Kiana’s new 12 week Training Guides! Simply click the button above to share on your social media to access the download!  You will LOVE this and the workouts are easy to follow anywhere! Also check out the complete 12 Week System here!  

Kiana’s Flex Appeal Body 12 Week Training Guides

12 WEEK FLEX APPEAL BODY TRAINING GUIDES – IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD Introductory Special! This week only! Now you can get Kiana’s award winning Flex Appeal workouts in a downloadable Guide!  Millions motivated worldwide!   12 week COMPLETE step by step workout plan Simply do the Circuit routines for the designated number of repetitions, 12 min. per circuit. Each week gets progressively more challenging to get your amazing results! >>> SEE RESULTS

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eGym: Strong is Sexy 101714

Muscles: Total Body Gear: Weights, Ball & Mat Type: Strength Circuits Fit Focus: Abs Duration: 60 min

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