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🏼Tight Tuesday!🏼Shoulders are my very favorite to train! Here is what I did today: Kiana Combo: Squat-Curl-Shoulder Press Alternating Side / Front Raise with DB Rear Delt Flys with a weight plate - drop set finishing with My Super Band Each exercise 50 seconds.  3 Rounds.  What are your favorite...

Kiana Teaches Fitness

In her gym and on location, Kiana teaches you how to get strong, lean and fit! Kiana Tom is the Creator and Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the “#1 rated fitness show in the history of the network after only 1 week of airing.” ESPN. Demographics:...

Kiana's Flex Appeal
Kiana’s Flex Appeal Playlist

Aloha Flex Appealers! Kiana's Flex Appeal, the #1 rated fitness show airing in 80 million homes worldwide Watch your favorite episodes of Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN right here on Kiana's Official website!  They're all here!  All of the award winning workouts created and hosted by Kiana Tom! ...

7 Simple Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Mom Day

Too busy to workout? Aren't we all? Busy moms do everything. Here are 7 simple ways to fit exercise into your busy mom day. Be active during the first 15 minutes of your day: Get up, go for a walk, grab some weights & do a home fitness...

3 Great Booty Exercises to Do at Home or in the Gym

Look great coming and going with a tighter, lifted, firmer booty. The best ways to get a firmer, tighter, more lifted booty is to do a variety of exercises that hit the glutes from different angles.  A key element is to finish with all important FOCUS...


Rachel is a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), volunteer & former flight attendant.  She was not exercising regularly before starting with Fit Mom TV Workouts.  "I was walking along the beach path but not doing any strength training." Says Rachel. "I found out about Kiana's...

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