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My Daily Power Juice

Power Juice! My Morning Drink ☀️Just like I change my workout each and every day I change my drink so I get a life variety of vitamins and nutrients. Today I had this:-Frozen bananaOrangeLemonBerriesSpinachAppleIce & water-❤️ Save Save

VOD: Best Butt Workout Video

New! Real Time Workout for a tighter, firmer butt. Rent or Buy this Video! VOD: Video On Demand

eGym: 50 Shades of Pink – Chain Workout

Muscles: Total Body Blast Gear: Chains and Mat Type: Chain Circuit Fit Focus: Floor Work for Core Duration: 20 min.

Kiana’s Sizzle Reel

See Kiana’s career highlight reel! Kiana’s Flex Appeal, Movies, Television interviews! Access Hollywood, EXTRA, TV Guide, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight and more!

eGym: 3 Way Workout

Muscles: Full Body Workout Gear: Weights, Slam Ball Type: 3 Way & Flex HIIT Fit Focus: Upper Body Duration: 40 min

eGym: Shred Your Core

SUPER 7 STRENGTH CIRCUIT + BODY WEIGHT ONLY FLEX HIIT + ABS Muscles: CORE / Full Body Gear: Weights, Slam Ball, Flex Mat, Kettle Bell, Band Type: Strength Circuit, Flex HIIT 15, Floor Work Fit Focus: Core / Abs Duration: 40 min

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