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My Daily Power Juice

Power Juice! My Morning Drink ☀️Just like I change my workout each and every day I change my drink so I get a life variety of vitamins and nutrients. Today I had this:-Frozen bananaOrangeLemonBerriesSpinachAppleIce & water-❤️ Save Save

Easy Protein Shake Smoothies: Mini Meal in a Cup

Good Morning! Breakfast on the Go! As you can imagine, I have made thousands of protein shakes over the years. for me, protein shakes have to be just right: not too thick, not too watery. here are a few of my favorites. they are an easy breakfast on the go, post workout protein snack, healthful option for the whole active family. enjoy! The secret to an ice cold, creamy smoothie

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Recipe: Shake with Benefits: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Entertainment Tonight called me the “Fitness Queen!” My friends and family also call me the “Smoothie Queen!” I’ve made thousands and thousands of protein shakes, fruit smoothies and shakes. Here is one of my favorites because it doubles as DESSERT! So many times, I have a sweet tooth but don’t want to eat empty calories without healthy benefits. Shake with Benefits: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ingredients: 1 cup soy milk (or

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Breakfast on the Go or Super Post Workout Shake! Tofu Protein Shake

This protein shake recipe is terrific because you can customize it to make a fruit or sweet (chocolate) protein shake. You can add any type of fruit you want. Enjoy!