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Healthy Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes in Coconut Milk and Pineapple

A family favorite recipe from the islands. Healthy Hawaiian Coconut Sweet Potatoes side dish. Topped with

Kiana Fit Mom TV Recipe Post: Coconut Rice

This recipe is so simple but gives a huge flavor boost. The rice gets a slightly sweet and nutty flavor and is a perfect complement to my Coconut Chicken and Mandarin Orange Asian Salad. Aloha!

WOM Workout of the Month: Stability Ball Upper Body Circuit + Cardio HIIT with Stability Ball

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Meal Plan 1

PRO Members Access. Here is my Meal Plan for the week, it’s a healthy combination of clean protein, complex carbohydrates and vegetables. All of the recipes I chose are easy clean up and kid approved too.


Full body workout to strengthen the legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs. Select the level that fits your ability. Enjoy!

Recipe: Hawaiian Grilled Chicken

I’ve made tens of thousands of chicken breasts in my fitness days…here is a simple recipe that your family (and waistline) will love! It’s tasty, low in fat, high in flavor!