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Kiana 500 Rep Challenge

Aloha Everyone! Ready to take my 500 Rep Challenge? Challenges are an effective way to get motivated, shock your muscles into shape and progress to the next fitness level and get back on the fitness wagon if you’ve fallen off:) This 500 Rep Challenge is AWESOME! This workout will help you get tight and strong! It combines cardio, legs, glutes, chest, shoulders arms and abs! How to do it: set

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Take Kiana’s 4 Week Flex HIIT Challenge! Get the lean, sexy, healthy, fit body you really want!

Improve your health and fitness & get the body you really want! Kiana’s Flex HIIT 4 Week Challenge is a complete training program.

7 Simple Ways to Fight Fat!

Chew! Chew your food at least 5 times and take smaller bites. Eating slowly will allow time for your stomach to tell your brain you’re full. Fast eaters eat more calories. Buffet. Don’t serve your food at your table. Put distance between your plate and 2nd helpings. Instead, put it on the stove or counter, away from the table. Sleep more. When we are tired, we eat more sugar filled

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