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You know you’re getting into shape when…

…Feeling sore after a workout feels good
You are happier
You crave healthy food
Your healthy habits start to influence others

4 Simple Ways to Look Healthier Now. Tan, Bronze, Healthy, Glowing, Beauty Tips.

We all love instant gratification (including me!). Here are 4 simple things you can do to look healthier now. These are little tricks I have learned over the years on television and to prep for photo shoots and appearances. Hope these help you too!

A must have for any woman. Sexy Wrap.

Every woman needs this. A Fit Woman’s must have. Sexy light weight cover up. Faux leather shoulder detail. Covers butt and arms. No bulk.

What’s in my Fit Mom Purse?

A sneak peak in my Fit Mom Purse and what I carry everyday.

1 Simple Lifestyle Tip to Help You Be Healthier at the Computer

Do you sit at the desk or computer all day? You must try this to improve your health. Just set your iPhone or alarm to…

7 Simple Ways to Fight Fat!

Chew! Chew your food at least 5 times and take smaller bites. Eating slowly will allow time for your stomach to tell your brain you’re full. Fast eaters eat more calories. Buffet. Don’t serve your food at your table. Put distance between your plate and 2nd helpings. Instead, put it on the stove or counter, away from the table. Sleep more. When we are tired, we eat more sugar filled

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Feel Good Endorphins / Sex & Exercise

Title: The Benefits of Sex and Exercise Guest Editorial We know that exercise is full of amazing health benefits. Whether you do it because you enjoy it or because you want to take care of yourself, you’re guaranteed plenty of rewards that non-exercisers won’t get. But as great as exercise makes us feel, is there anything else that is as enjoyable and simultaneously packed with benefits? There sure is. It’s

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Can’t Tone it? Tan it. How to Self Tan the Right Way…

You’re getting ready to wear your party dress – don’t forget the sexy tanned, toned arms & legs. Being tan makes your body look healthier, firmer and more toned. I have been self tanning for years and love being tan year round for my professional and personal life. For television or any event where you will have photographs taken such as a wedding, reunion, vacation, etc. it is best to

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