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Body Shaping Cast: Can you name everyone?

Body Shaping Cast Can you name everyone in the photo? Hint. The woman in the black bikini is Kiana 🙂 When I was first hired on Body Shaping it was hosted by 6 time Ms. Olympia, Cory Everson.  I was hired as here assistant and my sole job was to follow along and count the reps.  I remember being ecstatic because I got to keep the shoes! We filmed most

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Kiana Wallpaper Hawaii Ocean View

To download Kiana’s wallpaper, simply right click the image and click set as desktop image or save it to your computer. Aloha!

Recipe: Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes and Coconut Milk: Fit Cooking

  Sweet Potato – Hawaiian Style Ever since the body building days, I have loved sweet potatoes. I still eat them as a regular part of a Protein Power Plate Meal: Grilled chicken or steak, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Here is one of my very favorite recipes for Island Hawaiian Style Sweet Potatoes. Hope you enjoy them like I do! Ingredients: 6-8 Sweet Potatoes (or if you are in a

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Benefits of Coconut Oil, Water and Milk

…..Coconut milk is beneficial to the heart, it helps to keep your arteries clean…..

Workout: Pro Gym: Circuit Training: Machines Only

circuit training. strengthen your muscles. burn more calories at the same time. This routine is a wonderful total body workout. You can find these machines in most health clubs and gyms. Most machines have easy to read diagrams to show you how to adjust the seat height and distance from the handles or foot pads.  Do one or both of these workouts depending on your available time and energy. Your

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