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3 Great Exercises for your core, legs, butt

Get fitter faster with Kiana’s Signature Wall Balls and Total Body Workout! Enjoy endless exercise options and promise to challenge your body by making it work harder than with traditional free weights or dumbbells.

Secret to Sexy Shoulders & a Lean Body: Just in – Jump Rope with Benefits

I use mine all the time. 5 – 20 minutes. Gets your heart rate up, sculpts your shoulders, doesn’t take alot of room, take it when I travel, toss in the gym bag, do it at the park while the kids play, anytime 🙂

Detox Water Bottle & Infusion Recipes

It’s here! Detox Infusion Water Bottle! I love water infused with fresh fruits! I sip water all day long to detoxify and hydrate my body.

Love the Fleur Du Lis Hats!

Just in! >>> I love Fleur du Lis! How about on a hat with a little sparkle bling? <3 Flash Sale!

The Real Trick to Staying in Shape is…

HAVING A HOME GYM I created Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN and one of the most popular workout segments on the show is Home Gym Training. Why? Because everyone can do it and everyone can benefit from having a gym in their own home. Having a Home Gym is the real trick to staying in shape year round.   BENEFITS TO HAVING A HOME GYM 1) Convenience, you can train anytime,

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Make Your Own Home Gym

I am passionate about one of the segments, Home Gym Training. I believe everyone should have some kind of home fitness gear in their home.

4 Home Gym Dumbbell Sets & Kiana’s Flex Appeal pictures!

Got weights? Let’s face it: The best gym is the one that you use. Everyone should have a home gym in their house. You can workout when you want, wearing what you want (pjs?), the gym never closes and there’s never a line.



10 Reasons To Make Your Own Home Gym & What You Need

One of the most popular segments on my television show, “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” is the “Home Gym Workouts” I created. I believe that fitness should be simple, fun and easily accessible. That’s why I created the Home Gym Segments.  I have hand selected some of my favorite Home Gym Gear on the market to take the guess work out of it for you. Check it out. There are so many

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Gear: Cardio Speed Balls! Lose Fat! Lose Weight!

Perfect for Interval Training. No worry of tripping over a jump rope and interrupting your cardiovascular or interval workout. Plus your shoulders & arms get extra defined.   SAMPLE EXERCISES YOU CAN DO WITH THE SPEED BALLS: Beginners: Intermediate: Advanced: $19.95 + s/h. Includes FREE Signed Motivational Photo from Kiana!~ All major credit cards accepted. You don’t need to be a Pay Pal member to purchase. The “Secret Weapon.” Used

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