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Fit Cooking: Corn Husk Handles

This is a simple and pretty way to wrap your corn husks.  It is perfect for summer barbecues and provides a handle for enjoying your corn on the cob 🙂 Kids and adulst love this! Enjoy!  

Do you crave salty or sweet snacks? Try these healthy options for both

Do you crave salty or sweet snacks? Try these healthy options for both

Hot Lava Egg White Spinach Pepper Feta Frittata

Got 10 minutes? Try this… Hot Lava Frittata. Healthy, simple, delicious Breakfast Frittata that has organic spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese. High in protein and healthy vegetables. Kiana’s Fit Cooking. Eat clean, fuel foods.

Tips: Top Foods For Men

To be our fittest selves possible, we must exercise and eat healthy foods. But, what foods are best for men? A few months ago, I posted “Top Foods for Women.” Here are the “Top Foods For Men.”

Fire House Orange Soda Ribs Recipe

Melt in your mouth ribs. Perfect for cheat days after 6 days of clean eating.

7 Fit Food Grocery Shopping Tips

Hitting the Grocery Store? Here are Fit Food Tips I live by:

Fit Food Tips: Organic vs. Conventional Foods

Do you eat organic? Find out the Top 5 and Least 5 states that eat organic.

Sugar Jones? 3 Simple Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings

3 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings

Recipe: Low Fat Fit Clam Dip

Low fat Clam Dip. I usually make dinner at sunset, my favorite time of the day. When I am making dinner, I always put out appetizers. This way, my kids and husband enjoy healthy veggies and pita chips while we talk and I cook.

Healthy Hula Girl Banana Muffins

My famous Kiana Kona Banana Bread is now a Healthy Fit Mom Muffin with crunchy topping. Make extra and heat in oven to give it the just baked crunch.

Top 10 Healthy Produce to Buy at the Grocery Store

Dump 10 junk food items from your refrigerator and buy these 10 healthiest produce instead!

Fit Fast Food: 6 Easy Ways to Healthier Meals

Can fast food be part of a weight-loss or healthy diet plan? You might not think so. In fact, you might even think that you can’t have a meal that’s both quick and healthy.

Tips: What does Kiana eat?

People often ask me, “do you eat?” They think because I am in shape and am lean that I must not eat. On the contrary, my fit friends. I eat alot and I eat often. The key is that I …

Recipe: Crock Pot Soft Tacos

This is such an easy recipe. That is only one of the reasons why I love it. Because the chicken is slow cooked, it is very juicy and tender. The chicken is cooked clean, meaning no added oils or fat. Just pure white meat chicken. Plus, when you come home, the house smells so good, as if the “chef” has been cooking all day! My kids love it too! It’s

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Tips: 15 Super Foods to Naturally Detox Your Liver

organic cranberry juice lemons broccoli sprouts Brussels sprouts avocado beets artichoke walnuts leafy greens tumeric flaxseed garlic apples grapefruit green tea Do you regularly eat any of these super foods? 🙂


YOUR NOSE KNOWS: New study shows the stronger the aroma of foods such as apple pie, the more calories we THINK it has so we adjust our eating accordingly. TIPS: Select foods that have more aroma: more cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves. DRINK or EAT IT HOT: hot foods have a stronger aroma than cold: i.e., HOT latte vs. COLD frap. ENJOY: the smell of your food to potentially eat 5-10% less.

Peanut Butter vs. Almond Butter? The Winner Is….

Peanut Butter vs. Almond Butter? Winner: Almond Butter! Why? less saturated fat, + calcium & vitamin E. Try an almond butter sandwich on whole grain bread with thinly sliced apples. 🙂

TOP 10 ITEMS I BUY AT BIG BOX FOOD STORES: Healthy options to have on hand in BIG quantities.

Who really needs 10 lbs. of cereal? Not me. Here are the Top 10 Items I ALWAYS buy when I go to big box stores such as: Costco, Smart and Final.  They are convenient to have on hand and I don’t mind buying larger quantities since I know my family and I will use them. If you have healthy foods in the house, you’ll eat them. If you have junk

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Going Out to Dinner This Weekend? Here are My Healthy Choices at 5 Types of Restaurants: American, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Seafood.

I’m often asked what I eat to stay lean and fit. Eating out can push you off the Fitness Wagon if you don’t order your meals in the healthiest way. Here are some of my favorite meals I order at various types of restaurants. Hope this helps you! Eat for health, energy and fun! 1. American: Grilled, skinless chicken breast. Grilled plain, little olive oil. Pick your favorite sauce /

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