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KIANA CASTLE HOME REMODEL FIT FOR A QUEEN! A FITNESS QUEEN THAT IS 🙂 JOIN ME AS I TRANSFORM A NEGLECTED HOME THAT HAS BEEN VACANT FOR MANY MOONS INTO A DREAM HOME! Aloha! As you know, I’ve transformed millions of physiques on Kiana’s Flex Appeal! I’m excited to try my hand at transforming a home! I’ve never done this before but I have a big passion for decorating and

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Riviera Maya

KIANA TRAVEL JOURNAL RIVIERA MAYA, CANCUN / HARD ROCK HOTEL Aloha! What a wonderful trip to the Riviera Maya in Cancun. I had never been their before, but we did our homework. It’s often referred to as the French Riviera of Mexico. There were so many interesting cultural exotic sites to see including the ruins at Tulum. It was much newer, cleaner and nicer than most parts of Mexico, with

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