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Shoulder Shocker Workout: Kiana’s Flex Appeal

Get Strong & Sexy Shoulders Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN Shoulder Workout Gear Needed: Weights   Kiana’s Flex Appeal Delts Day! Palm Desert La Quinta Resort and Spa. 9th hole. – Shoulder Shocker Workout: 1. Heavy DB presses 2. Side Raises 3. Alt Front Raises 4. Rear Delt Flys 5. Bonus round: Feet Up Push Ups (not for the weak!) – 10-15 reps. 2-3 sets. – Use the right amount of

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Must try exercise for the lower body: Single Leg Squats

Doing the same routine over and over is not only boring, but counter productive to getting the body you want. Change up your workout routine to force the muscles to adapt. This will get you better results.

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Move of the Day: SKIER SQUATS!

Drop it like a Squat Kiana M.O.D.  Move Of the Day: SKIER SQUATS! This exercise feels so good on the legs, butt, core! How to do it: Starting position: stand with feet shoulder width, shoulders back & down, head neutral, weight in each hand, palms facing your outer legs, knees slightly bent. The Move: From this position, keeping your back straight, exhale & squat down while pushing your arms backwards

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Get your sexy back

Here is a favorite back workout I love to do: 3-4 sets 15 reps Pull ups or chin ups to failure Bent over rows Right/left side-Back flys Deadlifts Hyper extensions Do this and more with me: at the gorgeous Grand Wailea for ESPN

Triceps kickbacks

This is one of my very favorite exercises to tighten and tone the muscles in the back of the arm. It is an excellent move for men and women. Make sure that you start with your upper and lower arm at a 90° angle, your core tight, shoulders retracted and knees bent. Exhale as you extend your arm backwards until your arms are straight with a slight bend in the

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Wanna take a dip?! Dips are one of my favorite exercises for tightening & strengthening the triceps, the muscles in the back of the upper arm. I have led 1000’s of televised workouts for Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN. On the shows, I always stress the importance of using proper form and technique to get the maximum benefits from every exercise and prevent injury. How to do them: Starting position: support

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Video Post: Who’s got a TIGHT END now? Super Bowl Workout

  NO SMACK TALK! SCORE a workout before or after the BIG GAME! The GAME PLAN is a FULL BODY BLITZ! GET A NEW MOVE! Zig Zag Drills: to improve agility, coordination, endurance, speed, quickness, core strength Up Downs Touch Downs: Super hard but super effective.  Increase endurance, total body strength. Medicine Ball Jump Throws Fantasy Football High Knees: Increase speed, endurance, core strength and blast major calories   KICK

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eGym: Kiana’s Football FLEX HIIT

DIRTY 30S Muscles: Full Body Blast Gear: Weights & Mat Type: Dirty 30s Fit Focus: Core Duration: 30 min KIANA’S GYM IS NOW ONLINE! Members access 100’s of videos, live shows, tutorials, fitness challenges, interviews, recipes!  Award winning workouts. Full body blasts! Not a member? SIGN UP HERE and get IMMEDIATE ACCESS!