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Exercise: Barbell Dead Lifts

Dead lifts: Why I love them: Because I feel so strong and powerful when I do them.  They strengthen the core stabilization muscles that we use in daily life: core, glutes, hamstrings.  A favorite closed chain exercise. How to do them: Start with feet hip width.  Shoulders back and down, abs tight. Squat down and Grasp a barbell with opposite grips (one palm facing you the other outward). Look forward

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Better Way to do Bicep Curls if you have a Weak Back

Weak Back? Do Leg Up Curls More comfortable option than standing.  If you do them seated, make sure your chair has a back. Consult a physician before starting this or any exercise program. Do curls more comfortably with one leg up on a chair or bench. Keep the supporting leg slightly bent, core tight, shoulders back and down. Using a light weight, exhale as you curl the weights up. Do

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Only for the Brave! Dare to Work up a WICKED Sweat with this Bone Chilling Halloween Workout: Zombie Slayers, Witch Hunters, Petrified Pumpkin Potion…

5 Love Your Legs Exercises Video

Build strong & sexy, shapely, toned legs! 5 Exercises to Love ❤️ Your Legs! Here are 5 wonderful exercises you can do right at home or in the gym.  Using free weights and your own body weight, it’s easy to strengthen your legs and glutes, blast major calories and reduce body fat. You can do them in a circuit like I demonstrate here in Kiana’s EGYM short sample video. –

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Video: Fit Kids 5 Challenge

Studies show that children need 60 minutes of exercise every day, part of which should be muscle strengthening activities.


Members are getting amazing results with Kiana’s Online Training Gym.  Look at these transformations and read inspiring testimonials. Members access LIVE HD workouts just as if they were joining Kiana for a personal training session or invigorating group fitness class.  Kiana is the 1st television celebrity trainer to provide a digital platform featuring live HD workouts in real time of actual class formats and training sessions. Follow the live workout

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Kiana’s Online Fitness Classes – Watch a Sample

ONLINE FITNESS CLASSES Take the guess work out of losing weight and getting in shape! Workouts available via live broadcast and on demand.  100’s of high – definition fitness videos give award winning instruction in a wide range of exercise routines for beginners to advanced levels.  Members have unlimited access to the growing video library and can progress through the workouts at their own pace or follow the live class

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