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eGym: 10 Classes for $10

10 Fitness Classes for only $10 Lose Fat! Get Fit! Tighten & tone all over! Workout with Kiana wherever in the world you live, from any device Peak into her Gym and follow along with weights.  Each workout is challenging, fresh and new and specifically designed to help you lose fat, increase lean muscle, strengthen your core muscles, flatten your tummy, sculpt sexy shoulders & arms, tighten & tone all

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Bat Girl Full Body Workout & Core

Look Out! Bat Girl is here with a super hero full body blast! Don’t be “afraid” you can do this! This workout includes: Warm Up, 3 min. Tutorials, 2 Flex HIIT Workouts, Floor X for the core and abs

Time to get in shape!

Make a plan and stick to it. Here’s mine:  MWF 1 hour of either:  Flex HIIT, strength training, jump rope, high intensity interval training, Focus work for the abs and core. Every workout is different every day. Do this with me in the new KIANA’s eGYM. Now streaming worldwide!

eGym: 50 Shades of Pink – Chain Workout

Muscles: Total Body Blast Gear: Chains and Mat Type: Chain Circuit Fit Focus: Floor Work for Core Duration: 20 min.

eGym: 3 Way Workout

Muscles: Full Body Workout Gear: Weights, Slam Ball Type: 3 Way & Flex HIIT Fit Focus: Upper Body Duration: 40 min

eGym: Kiana’s Football FLEX HIIT

DIRTY 30S Muscles: Full Body Blast Gear: Weights & Mat Type: Dirty 30s Fit Focus: Core Duration: 30 min KIANA’S GYM IS NOW ONLINE! Members access 100’s of videos, live shows, tutorials, fitness challenges, interviews, recipes!  Award winning workouts. Full body blasts! Not a member? SIGN UP HERE and get IMMEDIATE ACCESS!

eGym: Shred Your Core

SUPER 7 STRENGTH CIRCUIT + BODY WEIGHT ONLY FLEX HIIT + ABS Muscles: CORE / Full Body Gear: Weights, Slam Ball, Flex Mat, Kettle Bell, Band Type: Strength Circuit, Flex HIIT 15, Floor Work Fit Focus: Core / Abs Duration: 40 min

eGym: Dirty 30s

Muscles: Full Body + Cardio Gear: Weights, Kiana Fitness Plate & Mat Type: Dirty 30's & Strength Circui Fit Focus: Abs & Core Duration: 30 min