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Infused Water for Better Health, Skin & Hair

Improve your health by drinking fruit infused water! Easily add nutrients, natural flavor and color to plain water. Here’s how to use the Fruit Infusion Bottle.

Detox Water Recipes

I don’t drink soda and straight juice is too sweet for me. I love drinking flavored waters I make using my Detox Bottle and fresh fruit or vegetables. It is an easy way to improve your health and appearance with every sip. There are an endless combination of fruit and vegetables! Make your own recipes or browse my Detox Recipes. To your health!

Detox Water Bottle & Infusion Recipes

It’s here! Detox Infusion Water Bottle! I love water infused with fresh fruits! I sip water all day long to detoxify and hydrate my body.

Tips: 15 Super Foods to Naturally Detox Your Liver

organic cranberry juice lemons broccoli sprouts Brussels sprouts avocado beets artichoke walnuts leafy greens tumeric flaxseed garlic apples grapefruit green tea Do you regularly eat any of these super foods? 🙂