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VOD: Best Butt Workout Video

New! Real Time Workout for a tighter, firmer butt. Rent or Buy this Video! VOD: Video On Demand

Move of the Day: SKIER SQUATS!

Drop it like a Squat Kiana M.O.D.  Move Of the Day: SKIER SQUATS! This exercise feels so good on the legs, butt, core! How to do it: Starting position: stand with feet shoulder width, shoulders back & down, head neutral, weight in each hand, palms facing your outer legs, knees slightly bent. The Move: From this position, keeping your back straight, exhale & squat down while pushing your arms backwards

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Video Post: Who’s got a TIGHT END now? Super Bowl Workout

  NO SMACK TALK! SCORE a workout before or after the BIG GAME! The GAME PLAN is a FULL BODY BLITZ! GET A NEW MOVE! Zig Zag Drills: to improve agility, coordination, endurance, speed, quickness, core strength Up Downs Touch Downs: Super hard but super effective.  Increase endurance, total body strength. Medicine Ball Jump Throws Fantasy Football High Knees: Increase speed, endurance, core strength and blast major calories   KICK

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eGym: Shred Your Core

SUPER 7 STRENGTH CIRCUIT + BODY WEIGHT ONLY FLEX HIIT + ABS Muscles: CORE / Full Body Gear: Weights, Slam Ball, Flex Mat, Kettle Bell, Band Type: Strength Circuit, Flex HIIT 15, Floor Work Fit Focus: Core / Abs Duration: 40 min

Get Your Sexy Back!

The Best Feeling is When I workout as hard as I can. I feel physically exhausted and mentally refreshed. I am happy, destressed and love it! How bout you? Thanks for your patience while I prepared this Week’s Workout, it’s a day late – we had computer glitches yesterday and could not upload it. But it’s worth the wait! It’s a terrific workout and I think you’ll like it! Try

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Workout: Core

Kiana: Core Workout A strong core is not only important for sports but for daily activities as well: lifting children, going up and down the stairs, carrying luggage, moving heavy objects, etc. A strong core will help prevent injuries, improve posture and overall strength. Here is one of my favorite routines to strengthen the core muscles and it can be done at home, in the gym or at the office!

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