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Flex Appeal Friday

I’ve been doing my FLEX HIIT 15 Workout Program! Every workout is a full body blast & you never do the same workout twice in a row so you work your muscles differently every time.  Plus it’s much more fun and motivating to do a...

🏼Kiana’s Flex Appeal for Sexy Arms

Aloh Flex Appealers! This episode was filmed in Jamaica it was so beautiful there. We stayed right on the beach the sand was white and the water was a bright turquoise color. I styled this workout to have color coordinated pastel bikinis and we all...

Kiana Tom Bikini Horseback
Pineapple Pony

Aloha! Riding 🍍Pineapple the horse 🐎 bareback on Makena Beach in Maui 🌴💪🏼☀️   True story: during the photo shoot Pineapple took off, running down the beach with me on him. No saddle. I’m holding his mane. We’re Jumping over rocks and ...

Kiana's Flex Appeal
Kiana’s Flex Appeal Playlist

Aloha Flex Appealers! Kiana's Flex Appeal, the #1 rated fitness show airing in 80 million homes worldwide Watch your favorite episodes of Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN right here on Kiana's Official website!  They're all here!  All of the award winning workouts created and hosted by Kiana Tom! ...

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