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Kiana Wallpaper Big Hair Leopard Swimsuit on the Beach

To download Kiana’s wallpaper, simply right click the image and save it to your computer. Aloha!

Time to get in shape!

Make a plan and stick to it. Here’s mine:  MWF 1 hour of either:  Flex HIIT, strength training, jump rope, high intensity interval training, Focus work for the abs and core. Every workout is different every day. Do this with me in the new KIANA’s eGYM. Now streaming worldwide!

Kiana’s Flex Appeal Maui – Bikini Abs Day at the Beach Gym

This is a favorite Kiana’s Flex Appeal episode that aired on ESPN and is still airing worldwide 🙂  This was filmed in Maui at the Ritz Carlton Resort.  I love training abs, do you? Related articles across the web 3 Favorite Exercises for Amazing Abs and Printable Photo Instructions Get Amazing Results with Kiana’s Online Fitness Classes! Kiana’s Aloha AMRAP 15 min. to Fitness Bliss About Kiana: Sizzle Reel Workout

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