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Kiana Tom Bikini Horseback
Pineapple Pony

Aloha! Riding 🍍Pineapple the horse 🐎 bareback on Makena Beach in Maui 🌴💪🏼☀️   True story: during the photo shoot Pineapple took off, running down the beach with me on him. No saddle. I’m holding his mane. We’re Jumping over rocks and ...

Riviera Maya

KIANA TRAVEL JOURNAL RIVIERA MAYA, CANCUN / HARD ROCK HOTEL Aloha! What a wonderful trip to the Riviera Maya in Cancun. I have been to Cancun before, but not the Riviera Maya.  It's often referred to as the French Riviera of Mexico. There were so many interesting...

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