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Rolling Tuck: Lower Abs Exercise

Aloha! Here is a simple exercise to help flatten your abs and strengthen your lower abs. Beginners: start with feet & shoulders flat. Intermediate / Advanced: start with feet & shoulders a few inches off the floor. How to: Keep you pelvis tucked under so your lower back is firmly on the floor. Exhale as you roll your knees in, lifting your Okole (butt in Hawaiian) off the floor. Hold

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Video Post: HOTTIE Workout! Dripping Sweat 90˚Full Body Blast

eGym Video Post: REAL TIME FULL BODY BLAST! Grab some weights and join me for this challenging workout in REAL TIME! It’s 90˚ and we’re sweating it out along with you! In this workout, I lead you through a challenging full body blast with free weights, slam ball and fitness bench. If you don’t have a slam ball or bench I’ll show you how to do the same moves on the floor. I just finished this workout and feel sooooo good and so can you! Grab some weights and jump in! Aloha!

VOD: Best Butt Workout Video

New! Real Time Workout for a tighter, firmer butt. Rent or Buy this Video! VOD: Video On Demand

eGym: Shred Your Core

SUPER 7 STRENGTH CIRCUIT + BODY WEIGHT ONLY FLEX HIIT + ABS Muscles: CORE / Full Body Gear: Weights, Slam Ball, Flex Mat, Kettle Bell, Band Type: Strength Circuit, Flex HIIT 15, Floor Work Fit Focus: Core / Abs Duration: 40 min

eGym: Dirty 30s

Muscles: Full Body + Cardio Gear: Weights, Kiana Fitness Plate & Mat Type: Dirty 30's & Strength Circui Fit Focus: Abs & Core Duration: 30 min

Grab Your Balls and Train Your Abs

Staying in shape after having kids is such a challenge.  I struggled after the birth of my 1st child.  I found that my regular routines did NOT work anymore because my body had changed so much.  It was very frustrating. I stay in swimsuit shape year round training only 3-4 days per week with my FLEX HIIT 15 Series!  Really! I decided it was time to toss all of my

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eGym: Arms Abs A** Workout Breakdown

    What an awesome, challenging and fun workout in the eGym yesterday!  This week we are focusing on Abs, Arms and Butt.  Do my workouts along with me and get into Flex Appeal or Fit Mom shape fast!  To further the real gym experience only, there are back up participants sweating along with you reaching their fitness goals too! Here is the Workout Breakdown: FLEX HIIT 15 Feet Punch

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Plate Crunches

Ab Exercise I’m loving right now that you can do anywhere. Every time I do it, my midsection feels tighter, flatter and stronger.

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