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Shoulder Shocker Workout: Kiana’s Flex Appeal

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Get Strong & Sexy Shoulders

Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN Shoulder Workout

Gear Needed: Weights


Kiana Tom Shoulder Workout Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN

Kiana's Flex Appeal Delts Day! Palm Desert La Quinta Resort and Spa. 9th hole.
Shoulder Shocker Workout:

1. Heavy DB presses
2. Side Raises
3. Alt Front Raises
4. Rear Delt Flys
5. Bonus round: Feet Up Push Ups (not for the weak!)
10-15 reps. 2-3 sets.
Use the right amount of weight to get results:

Most people don't use the right amount of weight. It's either too light or too heavy. The last few reps should be a challenge to compete with strict form. ✔️ Choose a weight that is appx 65% of your 1 rep max.

 Don't forget to train your Biceps & Triceps too!

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