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Recent Facebook Question for Kiana: Tennis Elbow

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Q&A: This question was submitted by a Facebook Fan on Kiana's page. It was such a terrific question we posted it on Kiana's blog so it can help others with the same issue.

Dear Kiana,
Hi, first off I love your show....I watch 2 episodes at 5 & 530 am most weekday mornings while I workout I'm wondering if you have any specific workout tips regarding "tennis elbow" I love strength training but after a stupid mistake moving furniture, I now suffer from this. I rest it weeks at a time and it heals itself but after about a week of minimal weight lifting it starts bothering me again. Thanks!~ Chrissy


Aloha Chrissy! Great question, I have been playing tennis since the age of 5 and have had tennis elbow - no fun and I sympathize with you.  What worked best for me when I had tennis elbow was to train around the injury. Let it rest, do legs, cardio, train the other arm. Most injuries like that happen in daily activities as opposed to the gym; in the gym we focus moreso on form than when lifting or moving furniture. After resting it for a week or two, resist the urge to jump back in. Give it one more week. I know it's tough, but use that time to train other areas.  When you do start training regularly again, try resistance tubing or try machines before free weights, its easier because you follow the track of the machine as opposed to controlling the weights with each arm independently. 

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Hope that helps! Kiana 🙂

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