FREE! Power Water E-Guide


19 Jul FREE! Power Water E-Guide


Why are certain fruit and vegetables good for you? Exactly how do they help our body? Here is a Power Waters EGuide to help you Power Up your water and improve your health with every sip!

Get your Best Selling Detox Infusion Bottles!

I sip water all day long to detoxify and hydrate my body.  I don't drink sodas and straight juice is just too much sugar.  But I do LOVE cool naturally flavored waters.  This amazing bottle will hold the fruit and vegetables to infuse your water with delicious flavor and extra nutrients to detox your body with every sip. Can't get more natural than this!

This flavor-enhancing water bottle holds your fruits and veggies beautifully in a convenient infusing compartment perfect for making detox waters on-the-go. The translucent colored cap matches the inside filter and makes for a luscious display of color. BPA Free, 24 fl oz. 9” H x 2.75 “ W. And...Busy Moms...Dishwasher safe.
Kiana Detox Infusion Bottles 1280x600



Detox Infusion Bottles

Get organized and de stress! I could never find caps that matched!
Replace mismatched random bottles~ so much easier to find a cap that fits! Looks neater and much more organized.
Kiana Infusion Bottles - Mismatched to Organizede

Tip: I keep 3 cartridges in the freezer loaded with my favorite fruit or veggies

Here I am locked and loaded for the week!

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