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Photo: 15 Ways to Stay Positive & Be Happier. Think Positive. Be Positive. Surround Yourself with Supportive People.

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I am lucky because I was born with the Happy Gene. 🙂

I feel sorry for my dad, oops I mean "people" who struggle to be happy instead of grumpy.  Ever notice that some people have happy eyes or seem to have a smile on their face while others have the opposite? I try and teach my kids to take the Happy Route.

Sure there are times when life gets too stressful and I feel totally overwhelmed. The trick is to take a time out and do some or all of the things I listed below to trigger happiness.  Usually after 1 or 2 I am back! 🙂

Glass Over Flowing...

My philosophy has always been not to just see the glass as half full but to see the glass as overflowing 🙂  Staying positive and trying to always look at the bright side of things has helped me through many stressful situations.

Photo: Think Positive. Surround Yourself with Supportive People.Clothing: Pink Diamond Palazzo Pants and Tummy Shaper Cami @ SHOP.KIANA.COM

Here are some of the ways I stay positive:

  • Exercise!  I know, surprise, right? It's true - Working out is also a key element in staying and thinking positive: exercise releases feel good hormones similar to anti depressants! It's even been called Nature's Prozac
  • Smile 🙂 Did you know smiling can fool your brain into feeling happier? It's true - try it!
  • Sitting on the beach, being close to the ocean or any water makes me happy
  • Getting 15 min of sunshine triggers happiness
  • Playing with my dog
  • Painting, playing the piano or guitar - takes your mind away & is good for the soul
  • Stay FAR away from Energy Vampires OR AKA people who DRAIN your energy!
  • Be with happy, funny people
  • Take a 15 min. nap
  • Hot bath
  • Music
  • Sitting in a candle lit room
  • Being with my kids
  • um...or not being with my kids 🙂

Of course - my theme song:

Pharrell Williams - Happy


What helps you cope with stress? How do you stay positive? Tips to share?

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