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Aloha!  I am excited to share with you my brand new Flex Appeal Blog!

Several times per week, I post television episodes, recipe videos, workouts, exercise, helpful tips, healthy recipes, fitness advice for all levels, food & nutrition information, motivational reminders, printable workouts and much, much more on Kiana's Flex Appeal Blog  here.



New! PRO Membership Online

Get in shape with me online!  People all over the world are getting super fit, super fast!  For info. click here.




Real Results:

  • "I lost 8 lbs. in only 8 classes~" Rachel. 
  • "I lost body fat and added muscle to my shoulders and arms." Dennis  
  • "I lost fat on my tummy and 3" off my waist and hips." Vikki. 
  • "I am a runner and need to lift weights to stay fit. Kiana's online workouts are perfect for me to do at home or when I travel, I do it online." Jason.


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