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Motivate Monday! LAVA LUNGE TWISTS for strong legs & core! How to do them: Starting position: Stand with feet hip width, knees slightly bent, hold 1 weight in both hands in front of your chest. Shoulders back and down, head neutral. The Move: At the same time, step back with your right leg, so that your front / left leg is at a 90 degree angle, and twist toward the right. Hold a beat and return to starting position. Sets: Repeat other leg. 15 reps each side, 3 sets or 1 minute each, 3 rounds. To see this exercise video and the whole workout New website coming soon! Have a fit and healthy day! Aloha! #fitness #kianatom #kiana #workout #motivate #momswithmuscles #fitmom #fitmomtv #kianatom #leg #legday #trainhard #core #home #homefitness (free fit download)

Kiana Instagram Post

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