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Everyone starts on their fitness journey at different levels, it doesn't matter where you start, what matters is that you do start.

<3 I have to share this amazing story with you about a woman who trains with me in the online workouts.

When she was a baby, her parents wondered why she would drag her leg when she crawled.  Turns out her leg was just dangling.  🙁 She was born without a hip socket.   Doctors had to do hip surgery to actually create a hip socket.

Figure 1 Hip joint

Every time she grew, she had to have another surgery to scoop out more cartilage to make the hip socket bigger to accommodate her growing body.

26 surgeries later, yes, 26 surgeries, she is now training with me.  She had not worked out a day in her life.  Before she started, she could not balance on her right leg or put any weight on her leg as the muscle had atrophied.

Because the workouts I lead in Kiana's Online Training Gym (, focus on building a great deal of all important core strength & functional muscles, the goal for her is to get functionally fit to be active and do all the things she wants to do with her husband and son.

During the workouts, she does the Level 1 exercise options that I explain before every workout. Today she did her first Level 2 exercises 🙂  It is so exciting to hear and see her accomplishments and excitement as her body gets stronger:

  • The first time she could balance on her right leg without holding on to a chair was a huge step. Think about it: we take for granted being able to stand on one leg and balance. It's a big deal.
  • The first time she could do kick balancing on her right leg was even more amazing.
  • Last week, she told me she walked the beach trail with her husband and didn't lose her breath, her legs didn't hurt and she kept up with him the entire time!
  • Today she told me she ran up the long flight of stairs to her doctor's office without holding the railing at all, before she had to hold onto the railing the entire flight of stairs.  🙂

This is so inspiring, I had to share this with you <3    Hope it inspires you to get fit, stay fit at whatever fitness level you are.

Start somewhere. Anywhere. Just start getting strong, healthy and fit.  <3   Try it for 3 months, you can achieve alot in 90 days.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 9.46.07 PMThis is not the woman in the story, but an amazing Transformation of Rockin Rachel!


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