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How to Stay Fit on Vacation

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I just returned from Summer vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  We had a wonderful time! It was 95 degrees, the ocean was bright blue and the air was warm and humid.  Loved it!


"Let's wear matching leopard bikinis mommy!" Kiana Jr. 7 years old - My Mini Me <3

I am happiest with my family, by the ocean and in the sunshine.



My very favorite part was feeding the fish every morning, you drop the crackers or chips in the water and the fish literally jump out of the water!  See the purple polka dot puffer fish? Love it!  I took this photo with my iPhone, that's how clear the water is!



See the purple polka dot puffer fish? Love it! I took this photo with my iPhone, that's how clear the water is!

There were puffer fish and beautiful yellow and black zebra striped fish too!


Going snorkeling with Anelalani

Having traveled most of the world, I have been fortunate to have stayed in some of the most luxurious hotels in the USA and internationally.

My husband and kids love camping - I do not.  I actually had "Kiana don't camp" as part of our wedding vows. He He. Camping to me is:  not having a Suite or not ordering room service.

I like being pampered and have to have the resort immaculate with the best service. I like being waited on during vacation.  Not serving myself at a buffet.


At a 20 million dollar mansion in Manzanillo for a photo shoot pre marriage. 25 servants, chefs, amazing! Hm. wonder what the owner of the Mansion did for a living? The mansion had a moat & bat cave (with bats!)

However, this trip, my kids and husband talked me into trying an all inclusive resort.   Being the FIT MOM that I am I was hesitant to know my kids would be able to eat whenever and whatever they wanted.  And I don't like the idea of being surrounded by people gorging themselves on unhealthy food.  (It literally makes me want to stop each one and tell them how to eat clean and take care of themselves.  I am supposed to be on vacation.)

On the plane ride over, I explained my rules for an all inclusive resort:

  • Eat the healthiest items first: lean protein, fresh fruit, bottled water, veggies
  • Don't waste food, don't order more than you can eat
  • 1-2 desserts per day after the meal not as a snack

Going on vacation is a time when some people not only do whatever they they want, but also EAT whatever they want.


It's important to eat healthfully on vacation to keep your energy levels up, maintain your hard earned muscle and so you don't come home more out of shape than when you left.  It's equally important to be active: workout in the resort gym, swim, jog, walk. Don't eat and drink laying by the pool every day. You'll regret it.

I met many people staying at the Resort who either watch my shows Kiana's Flex Appeal, workout with me in my ONLINE GYM or with my TRAINING GUIDES.  It was great to meet them all!

Beware of Buffet Breakfasts

The majority of the foods at a buffet breakfast are super high in fat, sugar and empty calories that do nothing but hurt your body.

I've been to the best hotels in the world and some of the so great hotels and they all have similarities.  Wherever you go people overeat and indulge. People tend to overeat junk foods or foods they would not buy to eat at home or eat more to "get their money's worth."  It's not a free for all. You could easily eat 1500 calories at one buffet breakfast! Yikes!

If you wouldn't want a photo of yourself eating it on TMZ, don't eat it.

Here are the healthiest items to eat:

  • Fresh fruit- in Hawaii I love papaya, pineapple, coconut.  Eat the fruits that are local from the area, not canned.
  • Omelette bar: I love this and this is the first place I hit.  I ask for egg whites only, fresh vegetables, light cheese
  • Fresh juice - 1-2 glasses tops- 100-200 cals per :p  I dilute 50/50 with water to lower the sugar
  • Greek Yogurt with nuts and fresh fruit. Greek Yogurt is higher in protein and lower in sugar and fat.
  • 1 or 2 fresh waffles with fresh fruit and yogurt
  • Coffee: helps rev metabolism and can prevent post workout muscle soreness too


Avoid these buffet items:

  • No breakfast meats: bacon, sausage etc.  Only 1 piece if you must
  • No sugary breads - empty carbs that do nothing for your body except get stored as fat.  Terrible for your body, mood. 100% bad for you.
  • Sugar cereals
  • Sugar filled yogurt
  • Alcohol - 1 mimosa tops
  • Waffles or Pancakes with butter with syrup poured all over: instead try what I have done for years: get a side cup of syrup and dip your fork into the syrup and then into the bite size piece of pancake.  Much less sugar, same yummy taste.
  • Limit yourself to 1 bite of a tempting dessert, "1 (bite) or none."


Workout every morning. Even if it's something as simple as going for a brisk walk on the beach or around the resort.  The key to staying fit and healthy on vacation is to stay on track.

When it comes to Fitness on Vacation, SOME is BETTER than NONE 😛

Working out in the hotel gym, following my own Training Guides. Simply download the Guides and take with you when you travel 🙂

  • Go for a jog
  • Do push ups, squat jumps, chair dips in your hotel room
  • Hit the hotel gym
  • Swim laps in the pool
Great shoulder workout: Toss a 48 lb and 89 lb child up in the air a dozen times!

Get Super Fit and Stay Fit for Life! Check out my my ONLINE GYM or with my TRAINING GUIDES.  It was great to meet them all!


"When it comes to fitness, some is better than none.   Eat clean to stay lean."

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