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How to make a professional gym at home

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Aloha! On Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN, one of the most popular workout segments I created was Home Gym Training.  Millions have been motivated to workout and lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.  Making your own home gym is simple, doesn't cost alot of money and it makes it easy for you to workout anytime you want.

The concept is simple: make your own home gym and follow along with my workouts in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

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Why make my own home gym?

  • Invest in quality products that you can keep for years
  • The gym never closes
  • There is no line at your own home gym
  • You can listen to any music, watch any show, wear what you want
  • No membership fees
  • You can train with me online from wherever you live in the world! 🙂


More than 400 high – definition fitness videos give award winning instruction in a wide range of exercise routines for beginners to advanced levels. Members have unlimited access to the growing video library and can progress through the workouts at their own pace or follow the live class schedule.


Where should I set it up?

I recommend making a designated space your Home Gym, instead of pulling all the gear and mats out each time. If it's set up, you will be more likely to use it and use it more often. The hardest part about working out is getting started, so make it as convenient as possible 🙂 Perhaps your garage, living room or family room or covered porch.  I prefer training outside, under a covered patio to breathe fresh air.


Home Gym Basics:

  • Fitness Mat - get a quality mat, do not use a yoga mat, they are too thin for strength training and don't provide a sturdy durable footing for lifting weights.  I have a Kiana Brand Home Gym mat coming out very soon that is amazing!  It is extremely durable for floor work, weight lifting, jumping, plyometrics and has a 10 year warranty! Sign up to HERE be notified when mine is in stock.
  • Non Bounce Slam Balls - Love these.  Use them all the time for intervals, circuits. Intermediate or Advanced, try the Bounce Slam Balls
  • Super Bands - great for strengthening the core and for dynamic warm ups, traveling, at the gym and home.
  • Weighted Jump Ropes - the .5 lb rope makes it easier to jump and gives you sexy shoulders fast!
  • Power House Core Bands - wonderful for floor work for the core.
  • Dip Station - great for pull ups, knee ups, using for bands etc!

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