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How to increase Serotonin: Natural High

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February 18, 2011

Guess you could say that fitness is my first love! I have been working out my entire life, having started playing tennis and skiing when I was 5 and have been active in sports ever since.  I just love everything health and fitness!

I am addicted to the "natural high and endorphin rush."

Every single time I workout, whether it's full out or just being active, I feel so empowered, fresh and de-stressed.

In addition to burning calories, reducing excess body fat, toning your body and increasing lean muscle mass, exercise increases your body's natural production of Serotonin, nature's feel good hormone = natural high.

I always find that my body feels strong, my mind is clear and focused, I feel tight and empowered. What do you love about exercise?

* * *

"Serotonin: nature's "feel good hormones" that are released when you exercise."

Easy ways to increase serotonin:

  • sleep more
  • get sunlight: Dr. Michael Terman of Columbia University says exposure to light stimulates serotonin stores in the nervous system and works in a way similar to Prozac. Going outside more, increasing interior lighting and minimizing your use of sunglasses can be effective.
  • exercise: "stress robs the brain of serotonin."
  • exercise, especially aerobic, and meditation are effective stress relievers
  • avoid artificial sweeteners
  • take vitamin B
  • de-stress
  • eat slow burning complex carbs
  • ...and...stay away from energy vampires who leave you feeling drained! Run away~

Serotonin: think nature's Zoloft / Prozac

Fit is it!