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Hooked on Soda? Try this!

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SODA: Studies show that diet soda tastes sweet, it actually tricks the brain and triggers sugar cravings. I too, enjoy the refreshing bubbly soda but also know that it can take the rust off a car battery, so I don't drink it too often!? Yikes. A healthier alternative that still satisfies the carbonation fix, is sparkling water such as Tynant or Perrier with a squeeze or two of lemon and a dash of Stevia. The carbonation is satisfying and you are hydrating your body, too!

COCONUT WATER: Love it! I enjoy it over lots of crushed ice. Try adding a splash of pineapple juice!  Read the nutritional breakdowns; a small little box has 70 calories per box. Coconut water is 2nd in hydration to water and has actually been used in IV's.


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