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Gear: Cardio Speed Balls

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Perfect for Interval Training. No worry of tripping over a jump rope and interrupting your cardiovascular or interval workout. Plus your shoulders & arms get extra defined.

The "Secret Weapon." 
Used by the world's fastest jumpers.Why Cardio Speed Balls?

  • Increases arm strength and hand coordination. With jump roping, it isn't the legs that wear out, it's the arms. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and avid jumpers who are looking to be able to turn the rope faster with less fatigue.
  • Increase definition in the shoulder / arms
  • Easily used by beginners to very advanced fitness levels - for a super challenging workout
  • Many jumpers have a difficult time using both hands equally which causes the rope to turn too close to their feet. By using the speed training balls a jumper's hands will become coordinated and the weak hand stronger. The result ... less misses and an uninterrupted workout.
  • Many people are physically unable to jump a rope.  With the Speed Balls, you can turn the rope and move their feet at your own pace.  No worry of tripping over a rope and interupting your cardio / interval workout!
  • Many different foot motions can be added to the workout and the Speed Balls can be turned to the sides of the body giving a great upper body workout.  Perfect for interval training.
  • For  Speed Training. A valuable tool known to many competition jump ropers. Speed Training Balls are used to increase their ability to go faster with greater endurance.

Sample Workout for Competition Speed Jumping
- 1 minute easy turning while jog stepping with feet
- 30 seconds full speed (rest 30 sec.)
- 60 seconds full speed (rest 30 sec.)
- 30 seconds full speed (rest 30 sec.)
- 30 seconds double unders - do high double under jumps (turn the speed ball 2 times for each jump)
- 30 seconds triple unders - do high double under jumps (turn the speed ball 3 times for each jump)

** You may add the jog step to any of the full speed intervals to get heart rate higher.
** Use your imagination to create many different types of workouts.


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