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Flex HIIT Shoulder Shockers

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What an awesome workout today in my Gym (which by the way, is not online!) I have cameras in the gym so you can watch and do my workouts with me. I broadcast LIVE MWF 9:30am pst and you can also watch the RE Broadcasts anytime, plus access my 600 video library!

Here is today's workout. Enjoy!


FLEX HIIT 15: Total Body Blast

Do the circuit 3 times.  Do each exercise for 50 seconds, 10 seconds rest inbetween sets

  • Punch Jacks
  • Beach Hops
  • Surfer Raises
  • Rev Lunge with OH Raise
  • Kick Backs

VOLCANOS: Shoulder Shockers

Using 3 different sets of weights: light, medium, heavy; do 15 reps light weight, 12 reps medium weight, 8 reps heavy weight of each exercise then revers: 8 reps heavy, 12 reps medium, 15 reps light. Then move on to the next exercise. Yeah!

  • Shoulder Presses
  • Side Raises
  • Front Raises + Shrug

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