Want to be a Fit Mom?


Prove you have what it takes. We are looking for a handful of women to represent Fit Mom TV in their community. Fit Moms will be chosen based on their community influence, positive attitude, and active lifestyle.

Do you have to get in some kind of Fit-Fix daily (like power walking, yoga, lifting weights, running?) Are you often referred to as a Super Mom? Are you often asked if you workout? Do you get actually get excited when you discover a new no-guilt dessert? Do you wear workout clothes more than any other? Are you the leader in your circle? Do people often ask you how you do it all? Is your purse filled with healthy snacks? Can't stand sitting still? Would you rather be doing a sport than watching it? Is dark chocolate a treat? Do you relate other topics to healthy living? Is the health food store fun for you? Me too. Then convince us you have what it takes. Put together your best elevator pitch, awesome photos, links to your blog, pics of the fam, social media exploits and send it to us. This is your chance to brag and show you are a Fit Mom, walkin' the walk.

Everyone should apply if they live the Fit Mom lifestyle. You don't have to be a celeb mom, fitness model, NFL cheerleader or competitive athlete. We are looking for the Mom-next-store who is influential in her own circles. A mom who lives an active lifestyle, who want to share her fitness journey, challenges, accomplishments, healthy recipes and tips with like-minded Moms. We are looking for all ages, shapes and of all ethnic backgrounds.

Moms in 96 countries are tuning in and we all share the passion for healthy living.

If selected, you will receive Fit Mom Swag & goodies, receive freebies to test and review on the website and be an Official Fit Mom Blogger for our website. Best of all, you will correspond directly with Kiana (and us) and become part of our exclusive Fit Mom Team. This is your chance to reach a target audience of health and fitness minded Moms who share your passion for healthy living.

Apply to be a Fit Mom here


Share the Health :)
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