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Fit Mom TV LIVE! #1 Rated Award Winning Workouts online! Check this out…

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You Can Do This! Details here


About: Fit Mom TV Live – an online fitness portal bringing the best of Kiana’s Award Winning workouts and “LIVE” HD fitness classes to the web. Having created the #1 rated fitness show on TV, Kiana is going a step further by creating the Ultimate Online Gym.

Kiana Tom is the first television fitness personality to provide a digital platform featuring “live” fitness classes and videos of actual class formats, Kiana has made it easy for her fans and fitness fanatics worldwide to workout along with her online.

Support each other! Grab a friend, co-worker, your daughter, husband or wife! Train together online!

All levels can do this! Kiana explains exercise modifications at the beginning of each class right after the warm up, so everyone can pick the variation that best fits their fitness level. Everyone does the exercise variation that is appropriate for them. This really works. “I have beginners all the way up to 10x IronMan Triathletes training with me in the same class.

People are losing weight, getting strong and fit. Members who could not hold a plank for 5 seconds are now doing full decline push ups. Their success makes me so happy and excited for them.” Kiana.

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