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Star Jumps with my Fit Kid

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"Inspire your child to love fitness at an early age!" Kiana Tom

"Inspire your child to love fitness at an early age."  Kiana Tom.  I teach my kids to do star jumps, body squats, plank, push ups, lunges. We go paddle boarding, skiing, swimming. I didn't start strength training until I was 16.  It is important to me to help my kids and other kids in the Fit Kids Camps strengthen their core, learn proper form and technique for basic exercises. They will be stronger and ahead of the game as adults.  🙂

As a child, I did not receive any formal fitness instruction, we were just told to "go play outside and come back when it gets dark!?"  I did play tennis and snow skiing at age 5 and loved it ever since.

How about you?

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  • Aloha Fit Mom Great pic : ) I sure remember ‘go outside & play’ Usta play bb, fb, tag the usual kid stuff hb aloha

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