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Fit Cooking Healthy Recipes eBook – 60 Recipes!

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Aloha! Do you want to eat healthier?  

Learn to make delicious food for yourself and your family that you feel good about?

Are you a busy person who wants fast and simple recipes that are healthy and delicious?

Here you go!  I have compiled my personal library of Fit Go To Recipes that I make often, my recipes are higher in lean protein, complex carbs, good fats: No added sugar, butter or salt in most.  I also have some of my exclusive Healthy Hawaiian Family Recipes in there too!  Aloha!

Check out my new ebook: Kiana's Fit Cooking 60 Healthy Recipes here.


Want to save time and eat even healthier?  

Then you will love my PRO Meal Plans and Expert Fitness Membership.  You can access 100's of fitness videos AND my personal meal plans and shopping lists. You can easily add recipes from the internet to your personal recipe box, drag and drop to make your own meal plans or follow mine. Plus grocery lists are made with 1 click. Add to your mobile device for easy shopping and meal planning. Details and pricing here.


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