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Fit Family Tips

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Fit Family Tips

Staying Fit During Holidays & Anytime
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"Focusing basically means paying attention or being mindful about what you are doing at the moment," says Tom. "So if you're mindful about your surroundings, you want to take yourself out of situations that invite eating too much. if you know you can't stop at just one, don't eat that one. Or perhaps a couple bites or two of that high calorie dessert is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don't stand in the kitchen, or carry on conversations over the appetizer or buffet table. And move that after-dinner conversation from the dining room to the den.  Surround yourself with people with healthy eating habits, who supports you and your goals."

Tom says that additional time demands during the holidays mean that exercise deferred is usually exercise ignored.

Be Active!

"That spare time you usually might have in the afternoon simply doesn't exist anymore," says Tom. "The key is to exercise first thing in the morning, whether it's going for a walk, working out at the gym, or watching and participating in a fitness show on television, such as Kiana's Flex Appeal.


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Scheduling family exercise can also work wonders. "Tell your relatives to bring their walking shoes and go for a walk with the family instead of sitting around the table, go to the beach, or schedule some time on the golf course," advises the fitness expert.

cross train for a healthy body

If it's too cold outside, "Try indoor climbing courses or get everybody up and doing exercise with a fitness video," advises Tom. "Do anything that gets people moving, and that includes going to art museums or amusement parks if they won't do more."

Active Family Tips

Above all, says Tom, stick to some sort of exercise program — even if it's markedly reduced — during the holiday season and year round.

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