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Fire Fighter Challenge! Couples Workout!

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Today in Kiana's Online Gym: Full Body Fit HIIT, Awesome Abs Interval and Fun Couples Workout. Also... any Fire Fighters our there up for the Burpie / Slam Ball Fire Fighter Challenge?! To watch the recorded workout, sign up here



It's just like a gym with fitness classes and personal training but it's online.  Oh, and I am your Trainer 🙂  Basically, you come to the website dressed in workout wear, just as you would come to a fitness class; you log in & take my "live" classes MWF at 9:30 am pst OR watch the recorded class later to stay accountable and keep up with the schedule.   Or browse the 500+ video library and progress through the workouts at your own pace.

*Who leads the workouts? I do.  These are my personal workouts that keep me in the best shape of year round. I thought it would motivate and help people worldwide to see exactly what I do.

*What can I expect?  Expect to have fun, be challenged, feel empowered, lose weight, increase lean muscle, feel energized, increase confidence, speed metabolism, sleep better, be more fit than you have ever been and STAY FIT.

* Who can do this?  Men and women,  All levels can do this.  There are beginners to competitive athletes doing these workouts online and as back up participants.  There are fire fighters, stay at home moms, 10x IronMan Triathletes, nurses, students, people who have never trained a day in their life up to competitive athletes.

* How can so many people do the same workout?  I demonstrate exercise options for beginners to advanced so everyone can do a variation of the exercises and be challenged to get results.

*How long are the workout? The workouts are 45-60 minutes in length.

*What gear do I need? Most exercises can be done using your own body weight and dumbbells.

This is NOT a gimmic, this is a way of life.  The Flex Appeal to Fit Mom Live 🙂 Enjoy your day everyone!  XO
Sign up by July 4th and also get the 3 Day Detox, Meal Plans.


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