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What kind of results can I expect?

Workout 3 times per week and you will see and feel, visible results in only 4-8 weeks.  Some Members have lost 8 lbs. in only 8 classes.  While individual results vary, expect to reduce body fat, tightens your body, increases strength and feel better than you have in years!  Be patient, remember getting in shape is faster than getting out of shape!

How do I get started?

Sign up at Kiana's eGym.  It's our brand new platform that is a mobile gym loaded with 100s of fitness classes and exercises to get you healthy and super fit!  Browse the workouts by duration, level, equipment, muscle groups, goals. Have your free weights handy along with a fitness mat. We recommend purchasing Kiana's Flex Mats here.

What should I wear?

Wear workout clothes and shoes just as if you were going to a gym or group fitness class. Bring water and towel.

Do I need gear?

Most exercises can be done using your own body weight and hand weights.  However Kiana often includes common fitness gear found in a local sporting goods store such as: a jump rope, fitness mat, slam ball.  We have a hand picked selection of recommended gear in our online store here.

Is this for men and women?

Yes! It's a fun competition and shows that all the exercises can be done by both men and women.  These are not girlie, wimpy workouts.  There are both men and women in the live broadcasts as back up participants.  All levels can do this. Beginners to expert. Coed Training is one of the most popular segments on Kiana's Flex Appeal television show.

Who are in the online workouts?

They are real Members as back up participants.  Some members in the class have never worked out a day in their life who are just starting on their fitness journey.  There are others who are competitive athletes, looking to improve their strength and endurance for a race or event.  All of the members have lost weight, reduced body fat, tightened and toned all over, lost inches off their waists, gotten stronger and dramatically improved their fitness levels and quality of life.

Do you have other videos online?

Yes! We have an ever growing Video Library of Fitness Classes, Exercise Tutorials, Tips.

How will I know how to do the exercises?

Before every workout, Kiana shows you how to do the exercises and explains options for all levels.

How Do I Join the Kiana's Fitness Community?

Sign up for our eNewsletter(s) to stay up-to-date, get workouts, exercises, healthy lifestyle tips, healthy recipes, discounts and more!

How Do I Follow Kiana and Fit Mom TV on Facebook?

Kiana just recently joined Facebook but has already created a wonderful and supportive Fitness Community on Facebook of 40,000 + loyal fans.  It is a public Page on Facebook for everyone to enjoy.  Kiana personally reads the comments and tries to respond to as many as possible.  It's a terrific FB Page, we encourage your to "like" her page.  She posts alot of useful, helpful and fun content on the page and everyone gets involved.  Click Here.

How Do I Follow Kiana & Fit Mom TV on Twitter?

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How Do I Follow Kiana & Fit Mom TV on Pinterest?

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How Do I Follow Kiana & Fit Mom TV on YouTube?

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How Do I Share Kiana's and Fit Mom TV's Content on my Social Media Pages?

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How Do I Comment on a Post or Workout?

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