Easy Way to Improve Your Health & Appearance

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06 Feb Easy Way to Improve Your Health & Appearance


An EASY way to improve your health right now

Drink a couple glasses of water

Water helps flush toxins out of the body, hydrates your skin and hair. Plus, if you are trying to lose weight, drinking a glass before you eat it gives you a feeling of fullness which helps with weight management.

Studies show most people do not drink enough water. - How many glasses have you had so far today? I try to drink at least 8 glasses and don't drink anything else until I have.

How to drink more water:

  • Drink a glass right when you wake up, pref. with lemon to balance the body
  • Drink a glass Before EVERY meal & snack (you need to eat every few hours to keep your blood sugar levels even and metabolism revved. I eat 5-6 mini meals per day instead of 3 big meals
  • Always carry a water bottle with you during the day and sip often. Bring with you to work, school, gym, beach, park, keep in the car. I always have my Kiana Sports Bottle and Infusion Water Bottle with me wherever I go
  • Drink a Glass before bed. I keep a pitcher or bottle of water by the bed.
  • Add fruit or vegetables to your water to give it natural flavor, extra vitamins and anti oxidants. My favorite fruit to add right now are: watermelon, canteloupe, lime & mint leaves.

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