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Do You Eat Bacon? Deli Meats? You Must Read This

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Ah. It's a relaxing weekend. Hot coffee, eggs, toast and bacon. It this sounds too familiar, read on.


In Hawaii, Spam replaces bacon. Nitrates included. Yikes.

There are zillions of bacon fans. My husband and kids included.  In my family, I am known as the bacon police. Here is the bacon scoop for all of you health conscious people.

Processed meats are bad for you.  They contain nitrates that are preservatives that may break down into by products that make cells more vulnerable to cancer.  


"I always check the nutritional breakdowns for any types of nitrates. If the food has any, I don't buy it." Kiana. "My kids even do this now and are often shocked that so many foods have it."

People who ate the most processed meats such as 2.5 slices of bacon or sausage links per day were 19 % more likely to develop pancreatic cancer.  Smoked and cured meats contain a type of iron that may damage intestinal cells and lead to colon and rectal cancer as well, says Alice Bender, RD of the America Institute for Cancer Research.  

Tip: Don't eat it at all or Moderation: No more than 1x per month for processed meats.  


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