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Do you Cross Fit?

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Here is a great question sent via Message to me on Facebook.  I thought you might be interested.  Love to hear your thoughts too!  In fitness, Kiana Tom

Dear Kiana, what is your opinion on Cross Fit?

Hi Ray - great question.

MOTIVATIONS!  My answer is 2 parts: like and don't like.  Here's why. I love the part that it motivates so many people to workout!  I love the part that there are so many athletic, amazing, strong men and women doing Cross Fit!


COMPETITION AND CAMARADERIE: I love the competition aspect and the camaraderie.  The part that I don't like is that there are many potentially very dangerous exercises such as the snatch.  If not done correctly, many people could get seriously injured.


COMPETITION: The competition aspect is good and bad.  As I've seen hundreds of times in the gym, people competing can lead to trying to lift too much, bench to much, push yourself too hard and get hurt.  It reminds me of the Golds Gym days where I'd see bodybuilders compete with each other only to see shoulders get blown or the bench press being bounced off the chest bone / sternum!  Like the college days where the group mentality took over and you take a risk you would never do alone because you know better. We've all done that sometime, right? --Or is that just me?


As I've demonstrated in my career, I believe that it's best to workout as hard as you can within your level, stick to the basic exercises until you have mastered proper form BEFORE progressing to the next level of any given exercise.  If you're not comfortable with any move, don't do it. Every body is different.

crossfit-games-2012-stack-629x423 WODArea

Again, controlled lifting with proper form at all times.  Thanks for the question! I'm going to post this on the page without your name of course 🙂 it will help others.

What is your opinion?



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