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Did you know this?

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Did you know that I am passionate about helping you get in the best shape of your life and staying active and youthful?  


On my television show, Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN, I have led millions of television viewers around the world toward a lifestyle of health and fitness and I am excited to now help you too with my brand new, Kiana LIVE Workouts!

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Live streaming workouts online!

To help you workout regularly and enjoy expert workouts, I am streaming live workouts on my websites every MWF at 9:30 am pst.  All of the exercises can be done using your own body weight and / or weights that you can find in a local sporting goods store. People in 130 countries are tuning in to workout with me online, I hope you do too!

Who can do the workouts?

All levels can do this! I have beginners to professional athletes training with me in the online classes!  There are lawyers, nurses, stay at home moms, police women, fire fighters, triathletes, students, all types of people - you will fit in!

Kiana's Virtual Gym! 130 countries getting fit online!

Grab some weights and put on your best workout wear and workout in my VIRTUAL GYM!

You will feel amazing and be so glad you did it! Remember, I stream live workouts every MWF at 9:30 am pst right here on my website! See you then!

New! PRO Membership - 

Can't make a live class? You can sign up for PRO Membership and watch it anytime plus access 100's of videos and food planning, too! For details and pricing click here.

Make it a healthy day! In fitness, Kiana



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