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Coconut Beach Workout

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I can literally workout with anything, even a coconut! Here is a fun and effective workout I did with a coconut I found on the beach. It weighed about 5 lbs and the coconut milk inside gave it extra movement to work the core!

Kiana's Coconut Beach Workout

20 reps or 1 minute of each exercise per interval.

Kiana Tom Coconut Beach Workout

  • Beach Lunge Walks with alternating Coconut Twists: Muscles: Legs, Glutes, Core, Arms. Hold coconut with arms extended in front of you. Step forward with your right foot, lower down until your right leg is at 90 degree angle, knee directly over the ankle, twist torso so arms extend to the right then back to center, legs togehter. Repeat other leg so you alternate legs.
  • Coconut Curls: Muscles: Biceps, Core. Hold the coconut in front of your body, elbows at your sides. Knees slightly bent, shoulders back. Exhale as you curl the coconut up, hold a beat and return to starting position.
  • Hula Twists: Muscles: Abs.  Sit on the sand, hold coconut in front of your chest. Twist from side to side as if you were going to put the coconut on the sand next to you.
  • Coconut Presses: Muscles Shoulders, (deltoids), triceps.  Hold coconut in right hand at shoulder level.  Feet hip width, knees bent.  Exhale as you press the weight overhead directly over your shoulder.  Repeat other side next interval.
  • Beach Burpies: Muscles: Total Body! Hold the coconut at chest level, do burpies with it and land softly on the sand!





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