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🏼Tight Tuesday!🏼Shoulders are my very favorite to train! Here is what I did today: Kiana Combo: Squat-Curl-Shoulder Press Alternating Side / Front Raise with DB Rear Delt Flys with a weight plate - drop set finishing with My Super Band Each exercise 50 seconds.  3 Rounds.  What are your favorite...

🏼Kiana’s Flex Appeal for Sexy Arms

Aloh Flex Appealers! This episode was filmed in Jamaica it was so beautiful there. We stayed right on the beach the sand was white and the water was a bright turquoise color. I styled this workout to have color coordinated pastel bikinis and we all...

🏼Kiana’s Flex Appeal Abs Home Gym

Friday! This was a segment I created called Home Gym Training. I wanted to show television viewers that you could workout in the convenience and privacy of your own hime using your own body weight, portable equipment and common household items. In this shot Brad...

4 Week Flex HIIT Challenge

FLEX HIIT 4 Week Challenge Improve your health and fitness & get the body you really want! Just in! Take my Flex HIIT 4 Week Challenge! A complete step by step, 30 PAGE training program. Each Circuit is a full body workout, that hits all...

Kiana's Tight Body Workout Plan
Aloha & Welcome!

Thank you for coming to my website! I have a little Fit Gift for you! Click HERE or my Image below to download your Aloha Fitness Welcome Packet! Besure and check out my latest flex on fitness, KIANA'S EGYM Have a healthy day! Aloha! XO Kiana Tom Founder & Star...

Kiana's Flex Appeal
Kiana’s Flex Appeal Playlist

Aloha Flex Appealers! Kiana's Flex Appeal, the #1 rated fitness show airing in 80 million homes worldwide Watch your favorite episodes of Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN right here on Kiana's Official website!  They're all here!  All of the award winning workouts created and hosted by Kiana Tom! ...

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