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Upside Down

Why this move is amazing: Because you’re holding a weight upside down, you are forced to use your grip strength, forearms and all of your wonderful arm & core muscles to hold it UPSIDE DOWN so it doesn’t tip over.

Rolling Tuck: Lower Abs Exercise

Aloha! Here is a simple exercise to help flatten your abs and strengthen your lower abs. Beginners: start with feet & shoulders flat. Intermediate / Advanced: start with feet & shoulders a few inches off the floor. How to: Keep you pelvis tucked under so your lower back is firmly on the floor. Exhale as you roll your knees in, lifting your Okole (butt in Hawaiian) off the floor. Hold

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Better Way to do Bicep Curls if you have a Weak Back

Weak Back? Do Leg Up Curls More comfortable option than standing.  If you do them seated, make sure your chair has a back. Consult a physician before starting this or any exercise program. Do curls more comfortably with one leg up on a chair or bench. Keep the supporting leg slightly bent, core tight, shoulders back and down. Using a light weight, exhale as you curl the weights up. Do

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Infused Water for Better Health, Skin & Hair

Improve your health by drinking fruit infused water! Easily add nutrients, natural flavor and color to plain water. Here’s how to use the Fruit Infusion Bottle.


Only for the Brave! Dare to Work up a WICKED Sweat with this Bone Chilling Halloween Workout: Zombie Slayers, Witch Hunters, Petrified Pumpkin Potion…

Bat Girl Full Body Workout & Core

Look Out! Bat Girl is here with a super hero full body blast! Don’t be “afraid” you can do this! This workout includes: Warm Up, 3 min. Tutorials, 2 Flex HIIT Workouts, Floor X for the core and abs

Must try exercise for the lower body: Single Leg Squats

Doing the same routine over and over is not only boring, but counter productive to getting the body you want. Change up your workout routine to force the muscles to adapt. This will get you better results.

Get your sexy back

Here is a favorite back workout I love to do: 3-4 sets 15 reps Pull ups or chin ups to failure Bent over rows Right/left side-Back flys Deadlifts Hyper extensions Do this and more with me: at the gorgeous Grand Wailea for ESPN

Triceps kickbacks

This is one of my very favorite exercises to tighten and tone the muscles in the back of the arm. It is an excellent move for men and women. Make sure that you start with your upper and lower arm at a 90° angle, your core tight, shoulders retracted and knees bent. Exhale as you extend your arm backwards until your arms are straight with a slight bend in the

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Partner Exercises

This is a repost from Valentines Day! Love it! Sorry, the audio is a little funny, but the exercises are fit fun! Enjoy! Grab your spouse, kids or friend and get busy! Fun Valentines partner exercises you can do anywhere! Enjoy!


Wanna take a dip?! Dips are one of my favorite exercises for tightening & strengthening the triceps, the muscles in the back of the upper arm. I have led 1000’s of televised workouts for Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN. On the shows, I always stress the importance of using proper form and technique to get the maximum benefits from every exercise and prevent injury. How to do them: Starting position: support

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