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Have you tried my Coconut Sweet Potato recipe?

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu Aloha everyone! Here's what is going on at Kiana's Fit Kitchen for Thanksgiving...

Fit Fast Food: Protein Pasta

Fit Fast Food in 15m What's for dinner tonight? Got 15 minutes? How about Protein Pasta How to: Brown extra lean ground turkey in a little olive oil and pre-minced garlic. Add your favorite organic low sugar marinara sauce. In a separate pot heat pasta enriched with...

Kiana's Healthy Turkey Soup
Turkey Soup

Simple, versatile and healthy turkey soup made with leftover turkey. Perfect for apres Thanksgiving or Christmas. Prep and cook on the stove in 1-2 hours. Simmer and enjoy all day long alongside crunchy bread & green salad....•-fitmomtv.com_
Healthy Chicken Taco Soup

  I love homemade soup. It's a meal in a cup. I love to add the freshest ingredients and lots of good for you lean protein. In my household, I plan special dinners every night. My husband and daughters L-O-V-E Mexican food so every Tuesday is Taco...


I Kiana-fied my family's chili recipe to make it a muscle building protein dream.   I love using the slow cooker! It's like the chef is cooking when I come home! The house smells so good and the food is tender. Come home to dinner already done...
Recipe: Kiana’s Chicken Adobo Recipe

"A melt in your mouth taste explosion! I grew up eating this in Hawaii and modified it to be healthier, using chicken breasts instead of thighs. :) I love this recipe. The meat gets more tender and the flavor more intense the longer it cooks....
What’s for dinner tonight? I can help!

Because I am lean, people always ask me, "do you ever eat, Kiana? The answer is: "Yes, I love to eat and eat a lot. In fact, people are surprised because I seem to always be eating!" The trick is selecting the right foods...

Super Fit Super Bowl Snacks

GAME ON! Check out my Ultimate Super Fit Super Bowl Menu! Delicious Healthy Snacks! High PROtein! New Recipes added this Season! New Fit Food Team Players! Watch the game and eat without side-lining your health & fitness!   As a woman who loves sports and former Raiders Cheerleader, I am a...

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